Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visit With Mom

My Mom came down this past weekend to visit. Her and Frank took off the entire week of Thanksgiving so she thought she would kick off her vacation with a trip to see me!! Yay! She came down on Friday night and we spent the evening hanging out, heading to dinner, and just chit chatting about everything under the sun.

Saturday we went to the Downtown Des Moines Winter Farmers Market. I had been to the regular ones before and had a good time and I had heard good things about the winter ones. They only have 2 and this weekend was a perfect opportunity to head down. It was indoor and outdoor, but most vendors were inside. We had a good time looking around and I got a few Christmas presents bought. I also got a really awesome wreath for our home. The guy who makes them grows everything he makes them with, dries it, and creates these beautiful things. It is unique and a bit Christmas-y so it looks great hanging in our house.

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent shopping. I keep going out with intentions of getting tons of Christmas shopping done but I can't seem to find what I want for people. We still had a great time and did get a bunch of clothes for our baby girl!! It was nice to share so much time with my Mom. Hopefully we can do it more often!

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mom said...

I really loved the time we spent together! The ONLY bad part was the terrible fog on the drive home. Love you so!