Thursday, November 06, 2008

Playing Catch Up

October was a very full month for Jim and I. We had some good weekends and lots of busy times. We were able to see one of Jayke's soccer games early in the month. It is pretty darn funny most of the time. We all loved it when Jayke made a goal! I have those pictures on my other camera so I will have to get some posted when I go through them. He is too cute as usual!

My Aunt had gotten tickets to Winnie the Pooh live interactive show in Omaha and was going to take Nicole and Jayke. Nicole wanted me to go as well and so I was Jayke's escort for the day. The show was quite cute. Nicole wasn't as in to it was Jayke was, but he certainly had a blast. The show was interactive so he loved being able to yell out and take part. The premis was a bunch of Pooh stories put together with the goal of getting Pooh to his surprise birthday party. Here is a little video of it and you can hear Jayke Woooooing!

Before we knew it Halloween was upon us. Beggars night left something to be desired this year. We were so looking forward to being in our new neighborhood, always full of kids and families we were sure there would be a good amount of trick-or-treaters. It was a beautiful night after a 72 degree day so we decided to sit outside to hand out candy. We had gotten a couple of pumpkins but hadn't carved them so Jim decided spur of the moment to carve one.

As far as the actual trick-or-treaters go...we had 20. I was shocked! We certainly expected far more than that. We did get Odie in his costume and have him sit outside with us for awhile...what a HOT dog!
Mostly I was excited for Halloween this year because my Dad turned 50 on Halloween! Deb had planned a great party for him this past Saturday. It was a COSTUME PARTY!!! Jim decided on our costumes this year and we set to work. They turned out pretty good. We were a baker and a bun in the oven. We even won Most Original costume at the party. Tim and Misty came as 50, Josh was a woman...and a lovely one at that, my Mom went as the Axe Wife (pretty darn funny), Deb was a funky witch and my Dad was a gangster, with a pimp hat because all the gangster hats were too small for his head. Everyone looked great!
The party was a big hit. We gave my Dad a dollar dance (long story) and danced and had fun until we were all far too tired. The night was a success!


Mom said...

I love all of the pictures!!! My favorite? Odie!! I absolutely love Odie in his costume!! Ha!
Love, Mom
P.S. I really DO look like I have antlers! HAAAAA!!!

Barb said...

Great costume guys, I can see why you won most original. I also like Odie in his hotdog!