Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Jim and I had a wonderful Easter weekend, even without a little one in tow! Saturday we slept in figuring it may be the last time we would be able to do so. When we got up we hung out for a little bit and then started getting some things done around here before the arrival of baby C. Our biggest goal was to get the spring prep work done in the front yard and we managed to accomplish that. I am sure I was quite the site out there, 9 months pregnant chopping down old growth and clearing out for our spring plants! Needless to say between Jim and I we put in a full afternoons worth of work and got a lot done.

We decided to try a new church for their Saturday evening Easter service. It is a very large church and generally we didn't expect to like it much, but we ended up loving it. We had been recommended there by some people I work with and some friends and I am so glad we went. The service was incredibly busy but the message and delivery were absolutely amazing. We both are anxious to go back and try it again, especially on a less busy weekend. After Easter service we headed to dinner and then grocery shopping. We got home, vegged a bit, and then crashed out early.

Sunday I was able to meet my friend Jodi since she was back from Kentucky for the holiday visiting her and Nathan's family. She is expecting a little boy in June so we have spent quite a bit of time on the phone sharing pregnancy stories. We met in between here and her home town and just hung out and chatted for a little while, it was great. I really wish she lived closer!Sunday Jim and I also made our very own Easter dinner. Jim got a nice bone in ham and roasted and glazed it on his own. It turned out absolutely delicious! I made real home-made mashed potatoes. We also had corn and gravy to finish it off. We invited Jim's sister over for dinner and we all enjoyed it. Let me tell you, Jim did most of the work and he did awesome!

Our pets also enjoyed the holiday with us, and here they are in all their cuteness.


joy said...

Way to go Jimmy! Everything looks delicious! I'm sorry we couldn't be together on this Easter Sunday. I missed you guys! Went down to the creek. What a wonderful place to have a picnic and just veg in nature! You'll have to try it with me sometime.

Take care. See you soon.

The cripple!! (aka Grandma Joy)

Barb said...

The dinner was awesome, you guys did a great job! Thanks again for having me over. Love ya.

mom said...

This whole post was great! The "pregnant friends" shot was cute. And what a dinner! Wow! And how do you get pictures of your cats with their eyes open? Mine always squint as soon as the flash goes off.
Love, Mom