Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still Waiting...

Jim and I had our 40 week appointment on Thursday afternoon. They had told us the previous week that if I hadn't gone by that time that they would call and schedule a time to be induced but by this appointment tha had changed.

She took my blood pressure, it was still high. For the first time she could feel the baby's head and I was dilated to a 1. She went ahead and did the best she could to strip my membranes...very uncomfortable! After all of this she decided the best course of action would be to wait and she was going to send us in on Monday just to make sure the baby had enough fluid and to do a stress test on the baby. Then she got back my urine, which had just a trace of protein in it (which is not good if your blood pressure is high) so she decided to move Monday's test to Friday.

So, yesterday we went in at 7:30 am for our ultrasound and stress test. The ultrasound was fine, the fluid level is right where it should be. The baby is doing great, her heart rate was doing very well. My blood pressure, however, was not so hot. We had to stay so they could continue to monitor that. I had to give them urine and blood. The blood test came back perfectly fine as well which just perplexed them even more. They keep expecting me to have preeclampsia, but the only symptom I continually have is elevated blood pressure.

After some conversations back and forth with our doctor they decided to send me home on bed rest and to have me do a 24 hour urine analysis. So everything I pee is being collected in a big container they sent me home with and we go back in today (Saturday) at 11:30 for another stress test and to see how the protein in that urine tests. They said if my blood pressure was still high they may induce today...but we shall see.

Still waiting...

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