Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Photography Website

Ok, so part of the reason I have been behind on posting is because I have been trying to get the new blog site for my photography stuff up and running. After much finagling I am pleased with how it turned out. Check it out at:


mom said...

No more Mandolin Photography? When I first clicked on your new link, I got an error message...then it took me on a google search of a BUNCH of "Mandy Marie Photography" sites. I'm not sure how I finally got to yours, but I really like it!
Have you ever thought of adding "baby belly shots" to your repetoire? I have seen more and more lately and I could show you some really neat ideas!

Love, Mom

Barb said...

The new website looks really cool. The pics of Kameron are so cute! Kari's wedding shots are really good too.