Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Bothered

This story ( has been bothering me quite a bit since it came out. After everything we went through with Charlotte on the surface this story could have been talking about us...however with this story the parents truly did harm their baby and turned themselves in. The entire thing makes me sick. The whole time we were trying over and over to explain to the hospital, DHS, and detectives that WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING and it seemed so absurd to us that people would actually harm their baby. Then here it is....hard to believe.

Harder to believe is that his child was taken to the hospital with injuries on multiple occasions. After what we went through I can not believe they were released with the the baby multiple times. I really hope that the Grandfather working for DHS had nothing to do with that, because now look where that adorable boy is at now. It's just so sad.

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mom said...

What a sad, sad story. Poor baby Ethan. I pray that he is not placed back with the parents. And I sincerely hope the grandfather was not involved with Ethan being repeatedly given back to abusive parents. I find myself continuing to shake my head in disbelief.