Sunday, July 26, 2009


In all the time Jim and I have been together we had never made it to the Omaha zoo. We had been planning to go this weekend for quite some time since we were already in town to pick up Rudy (my Dad and Deb's dog) to spend the week with us while they were on vacation. We took Jayke with us and had a FANTASTIC day!!
Here is Jim, Jayke, Charlotte and I getting ready to view the zoo! Jayke did NOT want to pose for this picture.
A little baby monkey....too cute!
For all other breastfeeding glad our nipples don't hang down for free reign all of the time.
Going through the rainforest

Jayke and I by the waterfall.

Parrot or Macaw...basically a pretty bird

Jim and Jayke climbing around

Fishes in the aquarium

Charlotte woke up while we were in the gorilla house and so we went ahead and watched the gorillas play while we fed her. She then had a massive blowout and we had to throw her shirt away and everything. After that she was happy as a clam and enjoying the zoo.

Here she is awake now with her dad chewing on her hands like usual.

While Jim took Jayke to the petting zoo, which is what he had been looking forward to all day, Charlotte and I played on her blanket in the grass and took a bunch of pictures.

Wow...what a stretch!

I absolutely adore this picture!!!

Little Sweet Pea!

Chewing on her toys

This peacock was in the bushes right behind Charlotte and there was one across the way giving his mating call. I had to hurry and pick her up so she could rush on over to the male one.

It ran across her blanket and past our stroller.

Jayke climbing the hippo

On the train at the end of the day, Charlotte was spent!

But she woke back up when the whistle blew so here we are with our daughter one last time for the day.

Boy she sure loves her Daddy!


Barb said...

Looks like you had a great day, lots of fun shots of all of you. Love that last pic of Charlotte looking up at Jim! See you all soon.

mom said...

What a fun day at the zoo!! I love, LOVE the last picture of Charlotte and Jim! How precious!!
Love, Mom