Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween! Saturday morning, Halloween day, we headed to Omaha so Charlotte could trick or treat again and so we could celebrate my Dad's birthday (he's a Halloween baby). We carved pumpkins early in the day while Jim helped my Mom and brother get her new tv mounted on the wall.

Later we got ready to head out trick-or-treating. We got Charlotte ready and the first stop was my Dad. We were already there, but I still had us go out and ring the bell and the whole bit. Here is our little lamb with her dad and her papa.
Next we headed over to my grandparents house. Here we are getting read to come to the door. Charlotte and I with her great-grandparents!Here we are down the street from my mom's house...our next stop!Gramma and her little lamb...and me too!Charlotte has a new snorty face she really likes to do. She was really getting into it here!Flying high on the porch. She was definately having fun!!She loved holding her own bucket. This picture was taken about 2o seconds before it dropped and broke...oops!Hanging with Dad.We waited at my Mom's because Jayke was on his way over. He was dressed as the transformer bumble bee. I could barely recognize him but Charlotte knew right away and grabbed for him. She LOVES Jayke!Before we left Jayke asked if he could give Charlotte a hug. Of course, when he hugged her she grabbed his face mask and licked him! We all got a good laugh as Jayke exclaimed "Hey! She licked my face!"Jesse and Cheryl were at her parent's for dinner so we surprised them by stopping by. We were only there a few minutes before Charlotte decided she was hungry so we headed back to stay at my brother's place. Here he is with Charlotte (and her snorty face again) before getting ready to eat.We had a great Halloween and headed home the next day after a quick photoshoot with an old family friend who is expecting.

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