Friday, November 06, 2009


Charlotte had her first solids Sunday (Nov. 1st). We had the green light for baby food but wanted to wait until she finished her antibiotic since she would only eat it when we mixed it in cereal. Her last day for the amoxicillin was Saturday so when her schedule got slightly off on Sunday with day light savings time we started the baby food.

We decided to start with green beans. Everything we looked in to and what our doctor said was to start with green vegetables, then orange vegetables, then fruits. She really liked them at first. Here is her first bite!She started to look a little more unsure as we went along. Check out this face! This girl cracks me up. She never stopped taking bites but her faces were absolutely hilarious! From this face you would assume she didn't like them! Not true! She actually did enjoy them. We had them for a couple of days and she was very eager to eat them and this face did not show up again! And actually, she had peas last night and tonight and did great with those too!

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mom said...

The third picture is my favorite!
Love, Mom