Sunday, November 01, 2009

Beggar's Night

Because Des Moines is silly, they don't trick-or-treat on Halloween. Instead, the send kids out the night before, which they deem "Beggar's Night". I have never liked the nothing on Halloween business but who am I to mess with tradition. So, on Friday the 30th Jim and I got Charlotte in her costume to head out to the 2 whole houses we visited. I forgot my camera so thank you to Barb for sharing your photos. Our darling little girl was a darling little lamb. She certainly looked very cute!
First we stopped by jim's co-worker's house and visited. Then, we headed over so Charlotte could see her Aunt Barb.Look at that tiny little tail!She played with Barb clear until it was time to head home to eat. She never minded her costume which was awesome since she is one cute BAAAAAby in it...get it...baaaa.

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