Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just Another Weekend

A happy girl Saturday morning!

This last weekend, Dec 5th, I participated in a vendor fair for my photography work.  I also brought my Dad and Deb's artwork to help fill my space.  It was a good opportunity to do something different and get my name out there a bit more.  We had a lot less traffic than we expected but we all still had a good time.  I gave out some business cards and sold a few things too. 

Charlotte got to hang out with Dad while I was there although he brought her by at the beginning and end to help me pack up and she got to entertain the others.  Of course, while at home she enjoyed some intense play time...with some intense drool to go with it!

On Sunday I had a photo shoot in the morning but came home to finally get the tree up!  I hate starting the holidays feeling behind but it got up and looks great.  Charlotte hung out while Jim and I did most of the work.  Actually, I did most of the work because I found out this year that Jim really hates decorating the tree.  He says he has never liked it...who knew?!

We found an ornament that looks SO much like Odie it cracks me up. 

Of course we took the opportunity to take our 33 week family picture in front of the Christmas tree.  Nothing like a beautiful Christmas tree to start getting you in the holiday spirit! 

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mom said...

I always love your "story in pictures". And I have to agree...that ornament DOES look like Odie!
Love, Mom