Monday, December 07, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was wonderful for us this year.  It was in Dubuque last year so this year we headed to Omaha.  We took off Thanksgiving early afternoon and planned to stay at my Mom's because my Dad just had surgery on a hernia and my Mom and Frank were out of town.  We got there with barely enough time to get ready, make our stuffing balls, and head over to Linda and Dave's. 

As usual, the meal was good and the company great.  My Dad took this opportunity to feed Charlotte her first "real" food.  She got to indulge in sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and enjoyed them both.  Probably the sweet potatoes more.

She still got her regular baby food for the day, pears, that Nicole helped feed her.  Her and Nicole were buds quite often throughout the day.

They really enjoyed playing together and laying down.  They were cracking everyone up!  We ended up staying there until quite late before heading back and winding down for the night.  Actually, Jim and Charlotte wound down and I browsed the ads and decided to head to toys-r-us at midnight.  Yep...kinda crazy!  The line was insane, I had no idea that many people would be there, but I got everything I wanted and made it home with no where to go on black Friday morning so I was ok with the craziness of it all.

Friday morning Charlotte was having a blast just playing before heading out to Papa's to check on how he was healing up.

While at my Dad's she was being quite adventurous and climbing all over me.  I love this picture of us.

Saturday night we had some wonderful babysitters (Jesse and Cheryl) as we headed out for a nice date night.  We had dinner and wandered around the old market.  It was such a great evening.  When we picked Charlotte up everyone had survived but I think she definitely gave her Aunt and Uncle a run for their money!  She still isn't that great with other people but she's getting there!

We stayed at my Dad and Deb's on Saturday night.  I had a photo shoot on Sunday with Shaun, Sara, Sofia and Sara's family.  When I got back Charlotte and her Papa were playing great. 

My Mom and Frank got back in town from Texas on Saturday early evening so we stopped by on Sunday before heading out.  As usual she was being a rascal but still adorable so we probably put up with more than we should.  Maybe we're just suckers!

After a long weekend she konked out in the car on the way home with the toy right in front of her face.  It cracks me up!

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mom said...

I love the picture of Charlotte and your dad (not the one when he's feeding her, the other one).
Love, Mom