Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Storm 2009

December 8th and 9th brought some of the worst snow Iowa has seen in 20+ years.  Jim, Charlotte and I even got to stay home for a snow day all together!  The snow fell on Wednesday, and continued to fall on Thursday along with extremely high winds.  It was incredibly beautiful and trecherous at the same time. 

As you can see it is still snowing at this point.  I think we got up to 15 inches and after it started blowing it was down to 13.

The next morning we couldn't even open our front door or see our stairs because the drift over took them.

This is the snow up our front windows.  I very large drift.

These were the ripples of snow in our front yard caused by the wind.

View out our back door.

When we opened the garage.

View out of the garage.  I have a picture on my cell phone of when Jim starts snowblowing it that really shows just how deep it was.

After 3 hours of snow blowing and digging out (and helping the neighbors like the amazing man he is) this is what Jim looked like!


mom said...

Jim is such a ROCK STAR!!!
Love, Mom

joy said...

Hey! It's Frosty! Or maybe not. It's his Cousin Jim!!! Love the pic Mandy. That's one for my scrapbook!