Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wow! That Was Easy!!

Charlotte had her final surgery today and it went so well!  She was in and out of surgery great and he was able to remove the entire cyst without a problem.  Recovery was a bit different.  This time we were not getting admitted to the hospital (oh darn!) and so we recovered in the out patient recovery rooms.  She was definitely in some pain this time, and last  time that was not really the case so it was hard for us to see her hurt.  She didn't know if she wanted to sleep or cry.

We were able to leave by 9:30am and were soon on our way home.  After less than a minute in the car she was fast asleep so Jim and I grabbed breakfast, chatted, and drove around for awhile so that she could rest some more before we disturbed her.  When we got home she was back to her old self in no time. 

They were able to stitch her instead of packing it which was also good.  She has a bandaid on it that we can not remove for at least 3 days because they do not want to risk the wound popping open.  She also can not take a bath for a while so our stinky girl is sure to return!

Speaking of stinky, she was doing the funniest thing when we got home and after she woke up and was playing.  She was sitting by Petey and kept picking up his paws, sniffing them, dropping them and exclaiming "P U" while scrunching her nose and making a funny face.  She was cracking me up. 

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers.  I am glad it's all over and we can return to life as normal!

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