Sunday, September 05, 2010

It Came Back

Jim and I noticed on Tuesday (08/31) that Charlotte had a little bump where her cyst is.  We kept an eye on it and by Wednesday morning I figured we better call the surgeon just to see what was going on.  They asked us to come in that afternoon to check it out.  When I picked her up from daycare it was already considerably bigger than it was that morning.

When the surgeon looked at it he decided she needed to be put on  iv antibiotics and admitted to the hospital.  Basically, they had hoped to do the 2nd surgery after she had completely healed from the first one, but the cyst was growing back.  Because it was infected they needed to get the infection down before determining the next course of action. 

Before you knew it, we were being escorted over to Blank Children's.  We were very unprepared.  I didn't even have Jim there because he had meetings and I honestly had NO idea that being admitted was even an option.  I called him and he headed over. I didn't bring in the diaper bag from the car, had nothing ready, I hadn't even shut down my computer at work because I assumed I would be going back.

On Thursday morning the surgeon came in to check on her.  He wanted to keep her on the antibiotics to see if it would go down.  If it did not go down they would need to do surgery which would be a larger, more invasive surgery than anyone wanted.  It would involve some risk of spreading the infection and they would have to remove all of the tissue around the cyst to make sure all of the infection was out.  It would then need to be packed and have time to heal.  There was a chance they would take her into surgery if they thought they could do a smaller one, and there was a chance it would respond to the antibiotics well and we would go home on antibiotics for a short amount of time and then schedule the more clean surgery.

Shortly after the surgeon stopped by the cyst ruptured.  That was not a bad thing for it to do but it made our hospital stay more rough.  At that point a contact order was issued for our room because there was an open infection.  We could not leave the room and any hospital personnel that entered had to put on extra jackets, gloves, etc...
After it ruptured that guaranteed us another night in the hospital.  It did get better throughout the day on Thursday but that night they did go ahead and prep her in case they decided on surgery the next morning.  This included cutting off all food and drink after midnight. 
Friday morning we waited...pretty impatiently...for the surgeon to come by.  He did not get there until around noon.  We were very lucky as it had gotten even better.  We were allowed to go home on high dose oral antibiotics.  We ordered our starving girl some lunch and waited to be discharged.  We will see the surgeon again on Wednesday to decided when exactly they will do the 2nd surgery.  What a roller coaster.

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