Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Fall in our Front Yard

Seriously, who doesn't love fall?  I think it would be a consensus around here that Iowa is having one of the most beautiful falls in recent years.

The colors are vibrant and turning slowly letting us savor every sweet new color.  The last few years it seems to practically happen in a weekend.  A few years ago we went out of town for a weekend and when we left our trees were full of leaves.  We came back two days later and after a cold, windy weekend our trees were literally bare.  

Not this year!  This year it is amazing.  We spent Monday afternoon savoring the goodness.  

While Oliver napped we played outside.  It was one of the few warm days we have left and we enjoyed every warm degree, tank tops, flip flops and all.

But there was no doubt it was fall, especially as the bus came rumbling down our street.

This is turning out to be the season of rejuvenation that our souls needed around here.  Here's to savoring all the moments this fall will allow.

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