Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Blooming Creation We Call Our Yard

One of the coolest things Jim and I have experienced this spring is the total transformation of our yard. We knew landscaping was here but when we moved in it was covered with snow. This spring we cleaned out all of last fall's gross-ness and got everything trimmed and ready for growth. Since then, everyday has been a surprise!

This is how the yard looked after we got it all cleaned out (April 6th)

Here is is just a couple of days later, you can see the green sprouts!(April 10th)

Here it is a couple of weeks later (April 23rd-30th). You can really see the early spring blooms, the crocuses, tulips, and daffodils.

My favorite this spring were these mini daffofils

This one was taken May 4th

May 7th-more beautiful flowers

It was about this time that I decided to start mulching, so these next are of a half mulched yard. I have about 2/3 done now and if it would ever stop raining when I had free time I could finish the rest! These were taken May 15th RIGHT after I got that mulch down. You can see how much the plants have grown though.

And in a culmination, this is our yard today. Quite beautiful if I say so myself. The flowers in front would now cover Jim's face if we were sitting like in our picture above. The grass picture is where our grass meets the neighbors grass and I like how ours is darker (pretty sure its Kentucky Blue Grass right Dad?)


Mom said...

Absolutely beautiful! You definitely got the gardening genes from your dad (or from your Grandma Schlicker)!! I always wished that I liked gardening/yardwork because I LOVE the results, but I just don't. I'd love to redo the small rock garden in our back yard and I can't even get motivated to do that!
Love, Mom

joy said...

You guys did a fantastic job on your front lawn. It's beautiful. I love the mulch!! All that yard work Jim did as a kid might be coming to good use!! Thanks for sharing all the pictures with us.

Love you guys,

Jim and Mandy said...

Actually, Jim and I made a deal, he does the back yard and I do the front!

Dad said...

Congratulations on your lawn of the month award. It is great to see the pride and interest you have taken in your home come out in such a beautiful way. The work challenge now will be to keep it that way...let us know again when there is anthing we can do to help.

Proud of you,
Dad & Linda