Friday, April 25, 2008


Well yesterday I had my 3 remaining wisdom teeth removed. All in all the surgery went well. I was there and in the office at about 8:20ish prepping for the anesthesia. Let me tell you, this is the part I as most nervous about. They started by giving me gas and after a couple of minutes on it I was laughing hysterically and I didn't know why. I kept apologizing to the nurse for laughing because I was so confused as to why I was rolling in the chair, especially since she was trying to check for a good vein for the IV.

I tend to have trouble with IVs and having blood drawn and all of that jazz because my Dad has blessed me with small collapsing veins. I had a bad experience the last time I had an IV during a CT Scan, they tried in both arms and couldn't get it, put it in my hand and thought they had it and then pumped damaging fluid into my muscle and tissue. My hand blew up the size of a softball, no joke. So that experience fuels my nervousness. I explained this to the nurse and she checked both arms and decided on the left one. She stuck it in, it hurt, then she wiggled it, that hurt more. When she wiggled it I was surprised and sort of whimpered out loud, then she freaks out, yells at me "Do not Scream!! There are other people in here! Do not be loud!". So I tell her not to make it hurt. I could tell she was having a little trouble. Even after she had it in place and all taped down she had to readjust the whole thing because it wasn't flowing well enough. Eventually it was all in place although I probably asked her 15 times if it was in my vein cause I was so worried.

The doctor came in and started administering the medicine through the IV. I felt good but I wasn't completely out. They tell you that you are not unconscious even when people feel like they are they will still do what they are asked to do (open wider, move your jaw, etc..) and they said it effects everyone differently so that was part of what I was worried about. I remember everything I just didn't feel anything. I remember the shots and the doctor "wiggling" my teeth. I say that because I thought he was just wiggling to get them looser then he was going to pull them, but after wiggling he said, ok they are out. I remember laughing and calling him a liar, and he said nope, they are out. I said, geez that took like 5 minutes. The nurse said snottily "I was here and it took more than that". It couldn't have taken too much longer because I was in recovery for awhile then in the car and ready to go by 9:40.

Yesterday was pretty good. I was numb until early evening and ate some soft foods (pudding, applesauce, soup). As I regained more feeling it became more painful of course. I took some pain meds throughout the evening and into the night. I slept very little though. I have been up since shortly after 4am and I was up off and on before that. I am sure I will sleep later and I hope so cause I am beat. The pain isn't horrible, but my throat hurts, which they said could happen.

Anyhow, I am in for a restful weekend hopefully, it's supposed to be pretty rainy and blah so it should be a good weekend for it.

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Mom said...

I'm glad it went well. I kept you in my prayers.
Love, Mom