Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shaun and Sara's Wedding...Finally!

Well as some of you know I shot my first wedding a couple of weeks ago for my cousin Shaun and his new bride, Sara. I have had the pictures sifted through and the dvds sent out for a bit but I hadn't gotten the montage done yet. Well, it is done now and uploaded onto my photography site. For those who are interested you can check it out.



Mom said...

Very nice!!
Your perspective in some of the pictures is a "one of a kind" shot!
I'm sure Shaun and Sara love them!
Love, Mom

ANA said...

Hi! Those look awesome - so are you going to do Jonathan's sister's wedding? I wasn't sure if they ever got in touch with you.....let me know

Heather said...

Mandy, you have such a creative eye for photography!! Amazing job! I'm truly impressed with your talent!

ANA said...

I talked with Jonathan's mom and they are still needing a photographer.....so if you are still free 08-08-08...let me know...I can give you contact info and details.