Friday, June 13, 2008

Water Water Everywhere

Well I am sure that anyone who watches the news is aware of the intense flooding happening in Iowa right now. While Jim and I were out of town this past weekend (will post on that soon!) we received a phone call from Emily that water was pooring into our basement. After many frantic calls we determined it was coming in through the old well line that had not been capped off. We hurried home Sunday through tornado warnings and ominous skies to begin work on our basement. To cut a long story short, we got the line redirected to the drain eventually, and we got the carpet cleaned and dried and some was garbage, we had two spots where it was coming in on the wall that we have controlled and as of now it is pretty much dry. Let me tell you it was a ton of sweat and tears to get here.

The rest of Des Moines is still in rough shape. Thank goodness they made improvements after the flood of 1993 because it is truly saving their butts. Other areas of Iowa have not been so lucky. Here are some pictures I took last night downtown, and this is not even nearly as bad as it is supposed to get, this is them being prepared only.


joy said...

Great pictures Mandy! You will go far in your photography business. Glad you got your 'flood' problems solved for now at home and that you and Jim and Barb don't live close to a river in Iowa!

Keep us updated and take care.

Joy (aka Mom)

Mom said...

What a great photo show...and I loved the music you put to it. If Des Moines has somewhere that you could submit a photojournalism entry, I think you shold do it! You have a talent, Mandy, there's no doubt about that.
Love, Mom