Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Denial

Well I have definately been in denial about how big and pregnant I really am. This is me last week on a day where I felt particularly large, in fact, it was the morning after my revelation that I am indeed looking very very pregnant. For quite awhile I didn't look super pregnant and I had that idea stuck in my head even as I saw myself growing larger and larger over the last couple of weeks especially, in my mind, I was still roughly the same.

My revelation came last week as Jim and I stopped to grab a bite to eat before our childbirth class. The lady behind the counter looks at me and asks some question about me being pregnant, followed by the when are you due, what are you having, do you have a name questions. She then proceeds to go on about her pregnancies and kids (although she didn't look old enough but you never know these days).

Any how, normally I would not have been put off by this because clearly I look pregnant. However, that evening I had on my big winter coat, it is big on me, not super huge, but it definately doesn't snug around my pregnant stomach so I was just baffled at how she could just look at me and still tell I was pregnant. I decided I must be more huge than I thought, but thats ok, I do understand there's a baby in there.


mom said...

There's deinitely a baby bump there!! Ya-hoo!!
Love, Mom

Meghan said...

You look great Mandy! Enjoy this fun time getting everything all ready to go!