Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nursery in Progress

The Before: This room was quite the looker before we got started. It had striped wallpaper from floor to ceiling, a border with planes and trains on it, a pink and white desk, and a ceiling fan in bright primary colors.The first step was definately the hardest...removing the wallpaper. Jim now swears that wallpaper is a 4 letter word. Him and his sister both worked many hours scraping and peeling multiple layers of wallpaper off of the walls. Needless to say, the walls were not very pretty when all was said and done!Because of the condition of the walls we had to do a few more things before they would be ready for paint. There was glue all over the walls that needed scraping. There were parts where the drywall paper ripped off the drywall that need patched and there were many holes in the walls that also needed repaired.
After doing some research we found out the process that should work best for reconditioning the walls. Once all the wallpaper and much of the glue were history we had to prime all the walls. After priming, Jim had to joint compound all of the spots where the paper had torn off of the drywall and all of the holes. Then he had to sand...the dust was insane. He had to repeat the joint compounding and sanding followed by one more round of priming. Barb came over to help him with the last coat of primer.

Originally we didn't think there was a chance of getting the walls smooth so we had bought some stuff to texture the walls but it turns out Jim is a rock star and the walls looked great. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the completely white room but that's ok I suppose.
From there the fun began. My Dad came in to town the first weekend in February and helped us out with a ton of stuff. Jim and my Dad replaced light fixtures throughout the house, fixed some electrical and wiring stuff, and then got to work on the baby's room. We had to paint all of the baseboards and the chair rail that we were adding. They painted the top half of the room the aqua color we had chosen and the bottom half white. It was looking really great by the end of the day Saturday.

On Sunday the baseboards got re-installed and then my Dad and Jim got all of the chair rail measured, cut, and put up. It looks amazing! I have some additional pictures to come but they are going to wait just a little bit until we have some of the other things finished up in there but it's really coming together!


Ariana said...

Can't wait to see the finished product - I am sure it will be WAY cute.

mom said...

"Baby C" is going to love her room! It looks great and I look forward to seeing more pictures!
Love, Mom