Monday, February 09, 2009

Rascal Flatts!!

It is amazing to believe that I have managed to put off blogging about our Rascal Flatts concert this long because I seriously had one of the best nights I have EVER had.....EVER! For those who don't know, Rascal Flatts is my most favorite group ever in the whole entire world. I can listen to them constantly and if you ask Jim, I probably do. So for Christmas, Jim got me tickets to the concert here in Des Moines.

He went above and beyond when it came to the tickets. He joined the Rascal Flatts club so that he could get VIP seats. The cost if about the same as regular seats, but they guarantee you one of the best 600 seats there. That is pretty broad and they don't tell you where your seats are until you pick up the tickets, which you can't do until 2 hours before show time. They do this so people won't just join the club and sell the good tickets but it was a little unnerving not knowing where we were going to be.
Needless to say our seats were AMAZING!!!! I seriously had a melt down as we walked down to the floor, and up to the first row!!! The stage came out to a point and there were two small sections on each side of the point where people were sitting and then there was the front row, which is where we were. The stage wrapped around right next to us and so they walked right past us over and over!!! Not only were our seats awesome, but the concert itself ROCKED! I screamed, yelled, sang, danced, and had the greatest time!!! Jessica Simpson opened for Rascal Flatts, and sometimes it's hard to remember that she can actually sing because she is such a character. She was dressed a little...daisy dukey...but did alright, the guys seemed to like her!

This is how the show kicked off. It scared the crap out of me but it was amazing like everything else!

That is my head there watching good ol' Gary sing

In all honesty, I seriously have a hard time putting into words how great it was, I am not doing it justice!!! Let's just say that when we left it was too late to call anyone and tell them how fantastic it was, so I made a couple of phone calls at 7am the next day to brag to people how amazingly great it was. I even dreamt about it for was, so far, the 2nd best time I have ever had next to our wedding!
Here Jim and I are at the end of the night. We had such a good time!


Ariana said... I don't seem to have an updated address for you. I have a little something I want to send you - so if you could shoot me your address.....I will get it in the mail.

mom said...

Sounds like a totally awesome night! Glad you enjoyed it so very much!
Love, Mom