Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our First Trip

This past weekend Charlotte went on her first trip to Omaha. My Aunt Bobette lost her battle with brain cancer on Tuesday, May 5th and the memorial service was planned for Saturday. We were all very fortunate that she held on as long as she did, and I am grateful we were able to be there for the service.

We drove in fairly early Saturday morning. I think that right now, at least until feedings are further apart, the 2 hour drive was about it for her. She slept most of the way and did really well. Odie got to ride shot gun and I rode in the back with her. Right when we got to my dad's she was ready to eat.

After feeding time she got the chance to go meet her big cousin Jayke. Jim and I couldn't believe how big he had gotten!! He held Charlotte and when she started to fuss he said that she needed his Dad (Josh). We told him that Jim was her Dad. He looked at Jim and asked him if he was her dad and he said he was. Then he looked at me and I said I was her Mom. Suddenly you could see it all click in his head and he was pretty excited to realize we were her Mom and Dad and he was her cousin. Jim and Jayke ended with a wrestling match before we took off to feed again before heading to the service.

Aunt Bobette's service was very nice. It was a celebration of her life, and you couldn't help but leave there and know that she was in a better place. They had a slideshow of pictures and I couldn't believe how much she had changed in the last few months. I hate cancer...we all do. I was amazed at the faith and strength that was shown by so many there, especially my Mom and Heather. There were still a lot of tears, and I am sure people will hurt for quite awhile. Whether you know it is coming or not, death is a hard pill to swallow.

After the service Charlotte got to go meet her great-grandparents. We visited for over 2 hours before heading back to my Dad's to settle in for the night.

Sunday was my very first Mother's Day! I have to say, Jim was pretty fantastic. Knowing we wouldn't be home on Sunday he had flowers and chocolates sent to my Dad's for me, from Charlotte of course. His gift for me was fantastic, although we are holding off on it for a little while. Sunday morning he treated me to breakfast and a morning of relaxation. I loved getting to spend Mother's Day with only my 2 favorite people, they are amazing.
We headed over Sunday afternoon to drop off a card and Mother's Day gift to my Mom. It was nice to actually see her on that day, I haven't been able to do that for years. When we got there Jesse and Cheryl had just stopped by as well so that was nice for us all to chat. We were only able to visit for a short time because Charlotte was going to need to eat. Never the less it was still nice.

We finished off the weekend with Sunday dinner at my Dad's. This was the first time everyone had been together since both new babies were born. The only way I can describe it is LOUD! We definitely had a nice time visiting with everyone.

Someone wanted to be the center of attention!

Charlotte and Leighton waving good-bye!

Our 3 Week Family


mom said...

I really liked this covered the weekend's activities wonderfully. My love to all of you.

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you and hug you and meet sweet baby Charlotte. I love you guys!!
Love, Heather