Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Rough Second Week

Things with Charlotte were going great now that we were finally home. She was settling into a routine and we were truly loving being with her all of the time. Thursday (4/30) we went back in for another check of the bilirubins and then we headed to Jim's work to show her off. While we were there I noticed a bump on her head. The bump was pretty big and soft, it definitely worried us. When the doctor called with the bilirubins test I asked him about the bump. He said he couldn't really comment on it but if we were really concerned we could bring her in. Being a first time Mom, I was really concerned so I made her an appointment for that afternoon.

The doctor took a look and sent us in for a CT scan to check it out. Talk about a freaked out Mom and Dad. They had us on a holding call with the hospital meaning we couldn't leave until we got the results. They came back and said that she had a hematoma (bruise and swelling) and a sub-dermal hematoma (little bleed in the brain). We were admitted directly to the hospital again so they could monitor her. They needed to make sure the bleeding would stop and that the pressure wouldn't cause any problems. You can see the bump on the right side of her head.

The biggest question while we were there was how did this injury occur. Long story short, hospital protocol meant that Jim and I were accused and investigated for child abuse. It was, by FAR, the worst experience we have ever had...EVER. They brought in an expert who reviewed EVERYTHING imaginable and determined that her injuries resulted from our difficult birth. We had a very hard labor and delivery, combined with her size and my being a first time Mom whose body had never given birth before caused the injuries. They had also asked us dozens of times when we were in for her bilirubins if her head was bruised during birth, we said no because we weren't aware of anything. Turns out we were wrong. Not only did she injure her head, but she got stuck at the shoulders, she had to be pulled/yanked out, and in the process they fractured her left radius near the elbow (it is EXTREMELY minor).

What we didn't know throughout this process was how common it is for babies to be injured during the birthing process. They say often they are injured and it isn't discovered until later when they are being x-rayed or examined for something else and they see the healed bone. Unfortunately for Charlotte she spent 7 of her first 13 days in the hospital. We were released this past Saturday afternoon, and again, are so thankful to be home. Charlotte is doing great. Her hematomas have resolved and her bilirubin count is finally down. We finally have a beautiful healthy girl at home with us, and we couldn't be happier!


Ariana said...

Wow - I can't even imagine going through all that. Aiden had a pretty bruised up face as he got stuck coming out too. They had to do some amazing twisting to get him out too - they thought they would have to dislocate his shoulder, but ended up okay.

Let's hope all of her health scares are over with now and she will grow up happy and healthy.

mom said...

I am SO thankful that our prayers were answered...for Charlotte and for her mommy and daddy.
Love, Mom