Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures of Charlotte

Jim showing me what I must have looked like pregnant.
In her bouncer
Her half smile-Too Cute!
Jim and Charlotte at two weeks
With our blooming tree in the backyard
Mommy and Charlotte
Her foot peaking out through the snaps
Our two week family


Anonymous said...

Charlotte is a real beauty. But I am wondering--is she always sleeping? I am sure if I was at your house I would find out. Hope to see her soon. Glee

mom said...

In the first picture, she's being a bean...how cute!! I also really like the one of her foot peeking out between the snaps! She's adorable!!
Love, Mom

P.S. Tell Charlotte that Gramma loves her bunches and bunches!

joy said...

You two have the cutest baby!! I just adore her and can't wait to see her this weekend. She is just a darling child. The two of you aren't bad either!!

Love to all,
Grandma Joy

Sara Zika said...

I love the picture of your family by the tree, picture perfect :) Hope all is going well.