Saturday, May 30, 2009

5 Weeks

This is our 5 week family. We went and picked out new dining room furniture and found that fiber optic lamp for Charlotte's room. Dorky...yes...but I am still completely addicted to playing with it.

Also, Charlotte won't take a pacifier for anything right now, but she will suck our pinkies. A little gross, but sometimes you only care about what works, and it does.
Here is her hair after a bath-pretty crazy!
Here it is after being combed, we are trying to train it to go to the side so it doesn't grow right in front of her face.
Jim did this with my boppy, looked at me and said very seriously "Hey Mandy, do I look like a lion?" Yes Jim, you're the king of the jungle.
This past Tuesday my work gave me a baby shower. They were so wonderful! The place looked great and the generosity just astounded me. I had a GREAT time. I only had time to get a picture of the cake, but it was too cute.
Finally, here is Boomer being goofy again. Leave it to our cat.


mom said...

I absolutely LOVE the cake!! It's awesome!
Of course, Charlotte is always a doll. Her daddy, on the other hand, is a silly boy!
Love, Mom

Lacy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! Has Jim been walking around the house like that roaring? If so, super hilarious.