Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Father's Day Gift

Well Jim got his Father's Day Present early. After debating, Charlotte and I decided to get him a new grill given that our old one bit the dust as you can see. In fact, we submitted these pictures to an ugliest grill contest for dad's, but they don't announce the winner until Father's Day and we just couldn't wait that long, what is summer without grilling?!?
So, here is the new grill. Charlotte did her research and made sure to get Dad a good one.She is such a show off, look at her Vanna White this baby!And incidentally, since we got it on Sunday, June 7th (yes I am a bit behind posting) it was also time for a picture of our 7 week old family...and she's not screaming!

So, Happy Father's Day Jim! Charlotte loves you and so do I, you're a wonderful Dad!


joy said...

Charlotte has wonderful taste. Think maybe she gets it from her Mama! What a great gift. Can't wait to see what you guys can do with it.

Love to all,

mom said...

Awesome family pic! Charlotte must have been enjoying the wonderful weather and decided not to cry! lol
Congrats on the new grill, Jim! Looking forward to seeing what it can do on the 4th of July!
Love, Mom