Monday, June 08, 2009

The Week in Review

To begin, here is our picture of our 6 week old family last Sunday (May 31st). I am sure one of these days we will get a weekly picture where she isn't crying! Believe it or not, Monday was my first day back at work. I can not believe how quickly those 6 weeks flew by. I only worked half days this week so that I could adjust a little better but it was still hard. Here I am, June 1st, heading back to work. I tried sort of worked.
This is Charlotte and I on my birthday this past Wednesday, June 3rd. Jim got me diamond earrings, and I got special cards from Charlotte and the pets. Barb came over for dinner and we had some Applebee's carside to go, which is very convenient and far easier than going OUT to eat!
Charlotte always sleeps like this, I think it is too cute. Jim mimicks her a lot sleeping like this, and it is cute too.
Super cute socks one of my co-workers gave us.
Playing on her play mat and hanging out.
We stopped by the doctor's this week to have her skin checked out, turns out she has some baby eczema. We have been lotioning her up with the good stuff and her face is looking MUCH better!
Tummy time showing just how strong she is. Unfortunately the flash just drowns her out but I still like it
Yep, she is awesomely, adorably cute. We did good.
Here she is playing with Jim on Sunday, ready to take off! I just love this picture!!
Tummy time oftens becomes suck whatever is closest to your mouth time, as you can tell from the following pictures.

The week ended and it went well over all. We both handled the half days at day care well. Saturday I shot a wedding and she got to hang out with Jim. Sunday we were together as a family all day, just the way we love it.


mom said...

I always love when you share pictures! My favorite one this time is the one of you and Charlotte on your birthday...what a sweet little smile she has! I need to look for pictures of you sleeping when you were little...then you'll see where Charlotte gets the trait of sleeping with her arms above her head. Love to all!

joy said...

Yes, you did good! Charlotte is such a darling little girl. I'm so very proud to have you, Jim and Charlotte as part of my family! Love to all!!

Grandma Joy