Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Weekend

This past weekend my Mom came down to visit to give me my birthday gift. She made a package of certificates treating me to a movie, lunch and an outfit, what a great gift! When she got here on Friday night we visited for awhile, I fed Charlotte and we decided to head to a late movie. We saw The Hangover and it was very funny...raunchy but funny.

On Saturday before we went shopping my Mom got these adorable pictures of Charlotte. I love it when she smiles big, what a cutie! She also got one of Charlotte and I together. She is getting so big! Look how much more she fills out her seat!Jim is tickling her before we leave and apparently she likes it! We went shopping and found some good deals. I got some picture frames for our desks at work now that we have tons of cute pictures to fill them with. I also got Charlotte a couple of things but didn't find anything for myself right away. We planned to go eat luch but time ran short so we grabbed some Tasty Taco's and took them home for us and Jim. We ate and then headed to church. Unfortunatly the air conditioning wasn't working and it was smoking hot. Charlotte got uncomfortable and eventually we just had to leave.

We got home and then my Mom and I headed out again to try to find me an outfit. This time we succeeded and I walked away with something very cute. My Mom came back and hung out with Charlotte for a bit before heading home.
Sunday was a big day for Jim and I. We had decided to go to his company picnic at Adventureland. We had asked his sister to sit so that we could commit ourselves to our first day without the little one. We both went into Saturday night and Sunday morning feeling more obligated to go than excited.
Barb arrived Sunday morning, we finished feeding Charlotte and headed out. Needless to say we had a great time! Jim convinced me to ride a bunch of rides that I normally wouldn't (I am a scaredy cat). We got a great picture of us coming down the log ride. We actually bought it as a great memory of the day.
When we came home we changed into dry, non-smelly clothes and had Barb take our 8 week family picture. Thank you Barb so much for watching Charlotte. It was great for Jim and I and i am sure she loved it to. What a quick 8 weeks this has been!

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mom said...

I love all the pictures (SO glad you added the ones that I took)! The visit was great and I am really glad that you and Jim had a good time at Adventureland!
Love you all!