Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I am going crazy! I filled my SD card, took it out of my camera, put it in it's case, and then picked it up to update the blog on Saturday, and now I can't find it anywhere!!!! AAGGGHHHH!! It has two sunday's ago family picture and Charlotte's 4 month photos on it so I am ready to tear the house apart to find this thing. Until I do find it, I thought I would share something different.

The weekend of August 15th we met my good friend Lenore, her husband Raul and son Cassian at the Iowa State Fair. They were in from out of town and it was SO great to see them!! The fair is always interesting and fun and this year was no different. Other than getting rained on a few times, it was a great day!
Then on Sunday the 16th, I got to see JODI!!!! She was in town from Kentucky (where she will be for another year and a half or so) and she brought Benjamin! Ben was born in June so of course him and Charlotte are going to be great friends, as you can see!
Ok now everyone, say a little prayer that I find my sd card...I need my photos!!!

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mom said...

Looks like Charlotte and Ben are doing "high five"! How cute!
Love, Mom