Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend we made an impromptu trip to Omaha. We had planned on heading there for a bbq with my cousin who was going to be back for the first time on leave from the national guard but then it looked like he wasn't going to be able to make it. At the last minute we decided it would be nice to get away anyhow and when we got there we found out he had been approved at the last minute to come so it was fortunate we were there.

On Saturdaywe started by heading up to Jesse and Cheryl's house. It is looking fantastic! They have done such an awesome job remodeling and now it is just finishing touches and decorating. Later we headed to California Tacos because Jim and I saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (a show we just LOVE) and so we definately wanted to go. It was pretty good, but not as good as Netties! My Mom went with us so here we are hanging out at the restaurant having fun.We headed back to my Mom's house after running some errands and my Mom dug up my old bib that we then used for all her daycare kids, and gave it to Charlotte! I love this bib. It's the Berenstein Bears.Here is Charlotte hanging out in her car seat on Satuday as well.
On Sunday, Charlotte rolled over for the first time. Of course she rolled over from belly to back but rolled over none-the-less. We were very proud of her. But she has been teasing us for almost 2 months with back to belly rolling over. She gets millimeters from being there, and then rolls all the way back to her back! I don't know why the bottom one turned when I uploaded it, but even she looks surprised she rolled over!
We headed to the bbq at my grandparents later that day. All the new Skudler babies were there. Chelsea was there with Leighton, we had Charlotte, and Shaun and Sara had Sofia. They were all born within 2 months of eachother. It was great to get to see the whole family and Nicholas is looking great. He was having a great time in his short visit home. On the way home in the car, Charlotte grabbed my cell phone and I thought that was cute so we'll end with it!

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mom said...

About the last picture...either someone said something to her on the phone that she didn't like or else she is just shocked to have a pacifier in her mouth!! lol
Love, Mom