Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Charlotte's Baptism

This weekend Jim and I got Charlotte baptized. It was a wonderful weekend. Many of our family members were able to come in town and enjoy the day with us. My Dad, Deb, Jayke, Jesse, Cheryl and Uncle Harry were all here on Saturday and we got to spend some time together. Mostly the guys watched Jim's new big TV and me and Cheryl and Deb went shopping! Jayke did a little bit of both but he certainly loved playing with his cousin Charlotte.
The baptism was held on Sunday after the 11:00am service. My Mom got a great picture of us when they were actually baptizing her but somehow we missed it when we were copying her pictures. Here is one after as we lit the candles.
We got some great pictures of us and our newly baptized daughter. Jim and I selected Jesse and Barb as her sponsors/godparents. Here we all are with her sponsors.
After the services and all the pictures our little girl was quite tuckered out.We headed to the Cheesecake Factory after all was said and done to enjoy some lunch together. Adding to the bunch that was here early, we also had my Mom, Frank, Barb, Joy, Harold, Linda, Dave, my Aunt Linda and Nicole. We changed her at the restaurant after she woke up...she is a VERY happy naked baby!
She loves her Uncle Jesse so much. This picture is ADORABLE!!!We all came back to our house for some cake and punch and what not. Charlotte got some wonderful gifts from her family and we were very thankful!This was my favorite picture of the day. What a blessed little family we have!


mom said...

I just LOVE the picture of Charlotte and cute is that?!?
Love, Mom

P.S. You can download all the other baptism pictures you want when I come in a week...sorry I'm so computer illiterate!

Anonymous said...

huh... thank you for this style..

Anonymous said...

я думаю: превосходно!! а82ч