Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wicked Weekend

Jim got us tickets for our anniversary for Wicked!!! So we headed there on Friday night (Sep. 25th) and my Mom came in town to babysit for us. The show was so so so amazing! I wasn't sure how it would be because I had read the book and let's just say it was weird at best, however the show was AWESOME!!! I am so glad we had a date night and that Charlotte was so well taken care of. Here are some pictures my Mom took while watching Char Char.

My Mom thought it was too funny that she had all the toys, threw them all down, and played with the strap on her chair. (Ariana your blanket is a staple in our house, it has been since the day you gave it to me. Jim and I argue over who gets to use it and now Charlotte is getting to use it too! Thanks for an amazing gift, I have always loved it!)

My Mom stayed for the weekend and we all got to hang out. Saturday I had a photo shoot for a little girl's 1st brithday and it went great. You can see the pics on my website (

Before I headed out we had some breakfast and Charlotte was very interested in Jim's chocolate milk. She didn't have any of course, but she certainly tried.

When I got home from my shoot I made home made pizza for all of us. I get the crusts from the deli section at a local grocery store so they are perfect. The same real crusts they sell their pizzas on. I made bbq chicken, all meat (for Jim), and pepperoni. I love the bbq chicken one and it is SO easy! That night we went to church and then went shopping a bit and got home late. Sunday we pretty much hung around most of the morning. My Mom and I went and had a nice lunch together and ran an errand before we headed back so she could get ready to go and I had another photo shoot to do. I took pictures of a friend of mine who is expecting and her husband down at Raccoon River Beach. I am slowly but surely getting those gone through and they should be on the website soon. All in all it was a great weekend.

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Mom said...

I SO much enjoyed my weekend in Des Moines!!
Charlotte's Gramma