Friday, October 30, 2009

6 Month Appointment

We had Charlotte's 6 month appointment yesterday. She was very healthy! Her ear infection was gone and she was a champ with her shots, no fever or anything. I actually stayed in the room this time (although I hid my head and cried). We went ahead and got her the preservative free flu shot for the regular flu and she did well with that also which was awesome since Jim is allergic to eggs. Her stats are as follows:

Length: 27 inches 80th percentile

Weight: 19lbs 13 oz. 95th percentile

Head: 17 inches 65th percentile

She's just rockin' along like a super star. We were given the green light for baby food so that will be our next adventure! Tonight is beggar's night and Halloween is this weekend so we are all very pumped about taking Charlotte out. She will be cute as ever!


mom said...

Your baby girl is growing PERFECTLY!!
Love, Mom

Jet said...
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