Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas Again!!

Christmas at my Mom's in pictures...since I know she loves these kind of posts!  We got together on Satuday, January 2nd with my Mom and Frank.  Fantastic holiday as usual!

Jim and Leighton hanging out while everyone got their lunch.

Jesse and Jayke eating up.  Jayke was very proud that he ate all of his chili...even the onions.

Headband from Gramma!

Gramma and Papa Frank got all of the grandkids teddy bears wearing shirts with their names on them.  I love this picture even if they are not all looking at the camera.

Charlotte loved opening her presents so much she didn't even put down her toy!

Chelsea and Leighton being lovey.

My Mom got Jim and I some new pillows, Charlotte found those fun to flop on.

She kept trying to pull the lights off Gramma's sweater.

I was so proud of this coat we got Chelsea!  I am so pumped she liked it!

Silly girl

Jayke and Charlotte playing...and Dyson too!

Jayke opening presents.

My Mom was opening her and Frank's gift from Jim and I .  There were 2 tickets in the box (the rolls were just to add weight to the box) and my Mom announced to Frank when she opened them "Wow!  They got us a little cruise!"  What she negelected to say was that it was a lunch cruise on the River City Star in Omaha.  We looked really good for a second!

After everyone left we still hung out for awhile to visit with my Mom and Frank.

Charlotte finds Dyson hilarious!

Here she is cracking up while riding him!

Shortly after that we headed out for the night.  We had such a wonderful day!

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mom said...

As always, I love the "story in pictures"!! Stuff like this always makes me smile!
Love, Mom