Saturday, January 30, 2010

Darn Ice Dams

Well, the leaks I mentioned around Christmas time have officially transpired into our first home owners insurance claim.  Ice dams have caused water to leak in our house, through many of our window frames, down the back wall of our home top to bottom all while wreaking havoc along the way.

We finally called the insurance company who came out the first time with an initial estimate of about $1500 that seemed quite low for the amount of damage and didn't cover everything.  We had more snow and ice and therfore even more water in the house.  We had them come back out yesterday to re-estimate the damages and the claim jumped to over $6000.

This spring, after we are all thawed out, we will be hiring a contractor to begin the work.  Here are some of the things that will be done:

  • replace 1/3 of the kitchen ceiling
  • replace part of the North wall in the kitchen
  • replace the drywall around the sliding glass back door in the dining room
  • replace much of the ceiling in the dining room
  • fix and replace window casing in the living room
  • replace part of the hardwood floors in the dining room
  • sand and refinish all of the hard wood floors in the dining room, living room, and den
  • replace insulation in the crawl space
  • replace the drywall in our bedroom ceiling
  • replace the paneling in our whole bedroom with drywall, repaint, and install new insulation
  • replace the drywall on the North wall of Charlotte's room and repaint and install new insulation
This is most of the list.  Everything right now is based on an estimate.  More may need to be done when they start tearing into everything.  There are good and bad things about it but we are very happy everything is going to be repaired.


mom said...

Don't you just love being a homeowner sometimes?? Not!
Love, Mom

Nuri Rossignol said...

That's just most of the list? Wow, looks like those ice dams were pretty rough on your house. Darn ice dams indeed. Though the water is really the one to blame. The ice melts and the water would start leaking everywhere. Ugh, no fun at all!