Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Skudler Christmases

New Year's Day began our Christmas celebrations with the Skudler side of the family.  We headed out Friday morning and arrived in Omaha about 11.  Just in time to begin the festivities with my Dad.  We had a great time, enjoyed lunch and exchanging gifts.  Here are some pictures of the fun!

I didn't get as many pictures of the actual gift opening as I would have liked so I will have to get them from Deb and Jesse.  After everything wound down we got in a nap and feeding before it was time to head over to my grandparents.

Christmas with the entire Skudler brood later that night was good as usual.  Almost everyone was able to be there and it was nice to visit with the whole family.  Charlotte had fun but gets a bit overwhelmed by all the people.  After the gathering we headed back to my Dad's to turn in for the night.  It was a wonderful day, and still felt very much like Christmas.

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mom said...

Nice...very nice!
I love the picture of all 3 grandkids together.
Love, Mom