Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sick Little Girl

Last Wednesday (01/06) I took Charlotte to the doctor because I thought she was getting sick.  I knew that after we left Omaha New Years weekend Leighton came down with the RSV virus and was sick and it is highly contagious.  I KNEW she wasn't being herself but the doctor said she was just teething and not to worry.

By Friday (01/08) I called the doctor again because things had gotten worse.  She was very congested and coughing a lot.  She was throwing up after almost every meal because she would cough and gag.  She hadn't run any kind of fever.  The doctor said that it was still just teething even though I told them that she had been around RSV the past weekend. 

The weekend was rough.  I am sure you can tell in our 38 week picture that she isn't feeling too hot.  Her coughing had gotten worse, the congestion was unimaginable.  We almost went to the walk in clinic on Sunday but then she acted really good again.  By that evening she was terrible.  The night was terrible.  We went to the doctor first thing Monday morning.

Finally on Monday the doctor decided she was indeed sick and not just teething...sometimes they should trust that as a Mom you know your kid!  Sure enough she had RSV, an upper respiratory infection, and bronchilitis.  We did a breathing treatment at the doctors office and were also sent home with a nebulizer to continue breathing treatments at home.  We have to give her a treatment every 4-6 hours, continue to suck out her nose, and watch for breathing difficulties or a fever.  We were also told that she was highly contagious and needed to be home from daycare for the week....AGH! 

This week has been long and rough.  I think the worst things were the coughing fits that took he rbreath away, and trying to get her to eat.  She would hardly eat some days and we were very worried she was going to become dehydrated.  Every now and again I could get her to drink some water but only out of a sippy cup.

She went to daycare for 2 hours on Friday afternoon because I had a meeting and she basically just slept.  She was still doing so poorly that we chose to spend this weekend at home and missed out on Christmas with Jim's Mom's side of the family in Dubuque.  We are hoping that she will be ready for daycare on Monday.

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mom said...

Poor baby! She's still a cutie even when she's sick.
Love, Mom