Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Jimmy!!

For Jim's birthday this year I had promised to get him great carrot cake.  After debating and looking I decided to head down to Kansas City to eat the best carrot cake either of us had ever had at Jack Stack BBQ.  His birthday was on Saturday so we loaded up the car and then I told him where we were going.  SURPRISE!!

Our first stop when we got there was the Crowne Plaza where we had lunch at Fritz's.  It has a unique railroad theme.  You call in your order from a phone on the table and then it is delivered by train!
 We all got into the fun with our train conductor hats.

 Whoa Mom and guys look crazy!!

Dad and Daughter on his birthday!!

Outside Fritz's by the train.

The Crowne Plaza was having a Clifford exhibit so we went and played for awhile with the girl.

Sliding down Clifford's tail

 Gathering his bones.

 and picking flowers.

While walking around we decided to get a family caricature done...yeah we're dorky!!

 After leaving we headed outside to check out all the fountains.  We wished we would have brought Charlotte's suit but just after this picture they cleared the fountains to do a show to music.  It was fun to hang around and play outside.

 Treasure hunting...

 sometimes when she is pouting she bends completely over...funny girl.

 That water is awfully interesting.

 Awww...I love these pictures

Charlotte played a ton with her Dad before we left the Crowne Plaza fountains.

From there we headed down to Country Club Plaza where we walked around, browsed shops, and hung out.

 We stopped by the fountain while we were down there.

And eventually headed to jack stack where even Charlotte browsed the menu.

After a super-fantastic meal we got our carrot cake.  When we arrived I snuck them these candles as a surprise when they brought the cake out.  Jim had no idea because I never left them! 

I would highly reccommend this carrot cake.  Warm, ooey, gooey and dripping with delicious frosting.  Happy Birthday Jim!!


Barb said...

Great pictures from Jim's birthday, looks like you guys had a good day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mandy and Charlotte for a wonderful birthday!


joy said...

WTG Mandy! What a wonderful gift and a beautiful family memory for all. Happy Birthday Bud!! I love you.