Monday, August 02, 2010

Wheel of Beer Party

This past weekend we headed back to the Dubuque area (Farley to be exact) to attend a party that Jim's friend, Marty, was throwing.  He was having a "Wheel of Beer" party.  All of the guys brought different beers (good, bad, indifferent) and each beer got a spot on the wheel.  Spin the wheel...thats your beer.  There were also whammy spaces-for the most disgusting beer brought, and Beer B**ch spaces-for the guy who would have to get everyone else their beer.

The guys had a great time once they got it going.  The other wives, kids, myself and Charlotte hung out and chatted, played, and ate of course.  They had a ton of delicious food.  Here are some pictures of Charlotte playing.

Charlotte got to spin for Jim once too!
And later in the evening she indulged herself...JUST KIDDING.  She is a kid and thinks closed, cold cans are great to bite.  What can I was a funny picture.
After the night wound down we finally made it back to Jim's Mom's place at about 2:00 am maybe?  I can't remember exactly, Charlotte and I had both slept.  Needless to say our latest night since Charlotte was born out of choice at least! 

We were able to visit with Joy on Sunday and had lunch before heading out for the day.  We stopped back by Marty and Wendi's because I was doing a photoshoot with their boys.  Let's just say the guys were definitely hurting, but they certainly had fun!


DeVore Family said...

It makes me feel better that someone else has a picture of their young child with a beer can because we have some of Ben with beer bottles. I think now he has moved on to pop cans though.

DeVore Family said...

And I love the picture of Charlotte on the little tractor!

Barb said...

funny stuff with the pic of the beer can!