Sunday, August 08, 2010

Summer Visit From Gramma

My Mom decided to brave our construction zone of a house and came to visit this last weekend (Aug. 7th/8th).  My Mom got here friday evening just in time to watch Charlotte because I won tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Des Moines Community Playhouse.  It may not have been the best performance I have ever seen (it was actually pretty bad) but it was nice to get to go out with the hubs.

Saturday morning we did the usual and headed to the Farmer Market.  I so love that place!  Here is Charlotte, Gramma and Jim hanging out at the market.

I thought I would share just a couple pictures of some of the things you can see down there. 
Fresh honey...

Beautiful, fresh veggies...

A juggling man...

Our adorable daughter!

We really do love heading down there on Saturday mornings.  After sweating and getting awfully stinky we headed home to relax before the rest of the days activities.  We had planned on going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Indianola but on the way there my Mom started to not feel well at all.  We ended up turning around and heading home.  It was over 100 degrees and if you're not feeling well who wants to sit outside?

After getting home we let my Mom relax and took Charlotte to the park.  She had a great time playing with her Dad.  Especially on the slides!

Sunday I had some photoshoots and other than that we didn't do too much.  We did run and look for some new light fixtures but didn't find anything we loved.  You can sort of see in the picture below that Charlotte has a cyst on her chest.  We visited the doctor this last week and are supposed to consult with a surgeon this week to see if it needs to come out.  We'll keep you posted.

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DeVore Family said...

I love Charlotte's Pumas! They are adorable!