Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beggar's Night 2010

As always here in Des Moines Halloween was celebrated on Oct. 30th for the annual beggars night.  We were pretty excited to take Charlotte out since she had some semblence of what was going on.  We met our friends Kelli, Justin, and their daughter Kinsley at the mall to start out with.  Not gonna lie, the mall was pretty lame and I am not sure I would do it again but it worked out ok this year.

After that we headed out to do some real trick or treating.  Since they live in a condo and no one in our neighborhood passes out candy (crazy right?!?) we headed to Waukee to do a little trick or treating there.  Their babysitter lives there and it was a perfect place for trick or treating.  Charlotte also went to that sitter's while ours was on vacation a couple weeks ago and we made the hard choice of switching there full time after our vacation so it was nice to get to know more of the neighborhood.

Charlotte was so funny because she was pretty tired at the beginning of the night but as soon as she started getting Hershey's bars she was on her game.  We made is all the way up and down one block, not bad for two little ones!


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