Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lacy and Vinny's Wedding

Saturday we all headed to Northern Iowa for my great friend Lacy's wedding.  For once we actually made it somewhere early and had time to see her and visit before the ceremony.  She looked beautiful! 

The ceremony was wonderful and I couldn't have been happier for her.  They looked so in love up there!  After the ceremony, Lacy, her new HUSBAND Vinny and I went out for a little photoshoot.  We took complete advantage of the fall colors and small town Iowa downtown life.  It was perfect!

When we came back we ate and had fun playing with Charlotte.

We took her outside for a bit because she was getting pretty antsy and I tried desperately to get a cute smiling picture of her but I got nothing!  Plus, she had to be coloring the wedding program the whole time...

We waited while the dancing began.  In true Lacy style they had a crazy wedding party dance...let's just say that it involved zombies and I am not even joking!  We were all cracking up...see??

Shortly after Vinny and some of his friends that have played in a band sang some songs.  It was nothing short of awesome.  They sang a version of "If I had a Million Dollars" only everything that Vinny would get Lacy.  I seriously almost cried...he totally gets her and they are perfect!  By the end of them singing Charlotte was so tired she was sleeping on the table...poor girl!  We headed out shortly thereafter.

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