Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grandma Joy Visits

Jim's mom came down last Friday to spend the weekend in Des Moines.  It was her birthday weekend so she decided to celebrate with everyone.  She was able to get here Friday night and we had dinner at our place and visited for awhile.  Charlotte was a ham like always, playing with cameras and trying to take her own picture.

Saturday we attended a wedding in Northern Iowa for my good friend Lacy from college so that occupied most of our day.

Sunday was Joy's actual birthday.  Happy Birthday Joy!  I had photoshoots so Joy and Barb came over and hung out with Jim and Charlotte, playing and having fun.  It looks like from the pictures Joy took they had a fun time.

Sunday night Barb and Joy were going to see 9-5 at the Civic Center.  We met them for dinner beforehand at one of our favorites, Spaghetti Works.  We had a wonderful dinner and then enjoyed the walk back to the car and a little playing before we all parted ways.  

Joy has meetings Monday and Tuesday so I am sure we will get together again before her weekend here is up.  And again, Happy Birthday! 

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