Sunday, October 03, 2010

Iowa State Game

Jim's company has a box at the Iowa State games and his boss offered him some tickets for Saturday's game.  We headed up to Ames Saturday afternoon and had a great time. 

It was so nice to have the box because it got quite chilly out but we stayed nice and toasty warm in our suite!

Charlotte had a blast looking out the window and watching all the action.  We would lift her up and she would practically be hanging out.

Our view wasn't bad at all!

Our family enjoying the game!

Charlotte would get restless so we would run up and down the hall.  One of the times they gave her some crayons and pictures to color.

Charlotte had a boy who was pretty darn fond of her in one of the suites down the hall.  He must have been about 4 or so and his whole family with him was giving him crap about liking her.  You would have thought they were teenagers! 

We got one last picture before the night ended.  The game was super fun and Iowa State pulled off the win!

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