Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Miracles Happen

Somedays we want to hole up in this house and hang out together, giving ourselves time to think and process; other days we want to keep as busy as possible so that we don't have time to think.  It doesn't work as well as it sounds.  Saturday was a keep busy day.

We headed down to the farmers market, something we do often.  It was finally less than 100+ degrees out so it was nice to get some fresh air.  Unfortunately, all I could think of the whole time we were there was the last time we were there.

The last time we were there was July 7th, the day after the doctors confirmed the babies were mono mono.  While we were walking around the market that day we were feeling at peace.  We ran across a booth that I had seen there a few times called Twinplicity.  I ventured in and marveled at all the cute onesies and shirts made for twins.  They were all pretty cute, but one stood out to me in particular and I picked it up and showed it to Jim.  I said that we were definitely going to have to get these for the babies.

You see, just the day before the perinatologist we were seeing, Dr. Drake, told us a story of the last set of mono-mono twins she had.  The babies made it to birth, and ended up not actually being mono mono.  She said that family gave her a sign that hangs in her office that says "Miracles Happen".  She said it was very special to her and one of the only items that she has kept and displayed because of its importance.  We really felt like we were the next miracle.

When we ran across the booth this week I still stepped in.  I glanced at the other cutesy twin onesies, but I stopped on the "miracles happen" ones.  I couldn't believe in the timespan of 2 short weeks things had changed so drastically.  I took a picture, bit my cheek, and joined Jim and the kids as Charlotte got some mini donuts.

Most of the farmers market was the the distraction we were looking for.  Charlotte played and danced with the musicians.  Oliver gawked at all of the sights.  We bought some food for baby food making.  Charlotte made a bee headband and watched them make honey.  Overall it was great.

I imagine it will be this way for quite some time, probably the rest of our lives.  Distraction followed by a reminder.  Happiness followed by heartbreak.  I know we will adjust with time, but I don't think it will ever fully go away.  To be honest, I am ok with that.  I don't ever want a time to come when we "forget" about our girls, and I know it won't.  

To everyone out there who is experiencing a miracle, savor it.  

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