Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When I Thought I Was Busy

It's been quite some time since I have been here.  I was under the assumption that my life was too busy. Oliver had just been born, Charlotte was keeping us very busy (and generally very entertained), coupled with my business and all the blogging I do (or don't do) there I thought focusing on only one blog would be the most beneficial to my time.

As 'busy' as I thought I was, life tail-spinned at the end of April.  Suddenly we found out we were expecting.  Oliver was 5 months old, and here I was, 4 weeks pregnant.  We were in utter shock.  We began worrying, but tried to remain sane.  People had 3 kids all of the time.  Certainly everything would be fine, and I definitely knew I wanted another child, I just never expected it to be so soon.

We warmed to the idea and made the inevitable first doctor's visit to confirm the pregnancy.  Jim had been out of town for business and was on his way back from Kansas City.  It didn't really dawn on me that I might not want to go to the appointment by myself.  It was supposed to go something like:

"Yep, you're pregnant.  You're due December 26th.  Congratulations!"

Instead it went something like this:

"Hmmm....I see something here.  I just want to get my partner to confirm we are both seeing the same thing.  Don't worry.  I just want to make sure that...well...sometimes very early the intestines are outside before they come inside the body, I think I am just going to grab my partner.  I don't want you to worry."

Partner comes in...

"Oh yeah.  I see it.  Hmmmm....let me look, yep I definitely see.  Here is one brain, here is another brain.  Here is one heartbeat, here is another heartbeat."

"Ohmigawd there's 2 in there!  I need my husband here.  I just want my husband!"  All while crying.  Yes, while crying.

Immediately after wrapping up my doctor and I began talking.  There was some concern.  There were 4 basic way to carry twins: very safe, mostly safe, pretty scary and conjoined.  They weren't sure where we were at on that spectrum, but they could only rule out the very safe option.  They asked us to come back in a week because things were still very early.

A week later we headed in for an ultrasound.  We saw both of them.  Moving around, doing their thing.  Definitely two little people in there.  It was surreal.  We were a little bit excited and a little bit scared.  That turned to definitely scared when we went to meet with our doctor.

The good news from our ultrasound was that the twins were not conjoined, something they needed to rule out from the first ultrasound.  The bad news was, our doctor believed them to be monochorionic and monoamniotic, in short, mono mono.

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