Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Weekend in Dubuque

It's a little late but I thought I would go ahead and blog about this past weekend. Jim and I headed over to Dubuque to spend some time with his Mom. We left Friday leaving Boomer and Milo the house to themselves. When we got in we all decided to order some pizza and bum around the rest of the night. It's always nice to relax after a 3 hour drive.

Saturday morning I helped Jim's Mom set up a blog cause I just find them a great way to keep in touch with multiple people at once. After a bit we headed out to run some errands and what not. I was so excited because we found the decorations my sister and I had been trying to find for my nephew's 1st birthday (coming up at the end of the month!!). Chelsea had decided she wanted to do Curious George so I made the invitations and we found the decorations and it will be perfect! We ate out at a restaurant called The Point. Jim's Mom wanted to take us somewhere we couldn't get here and that was the restaurant she picked. It was pretty good. They had great freshly bottled rootbeer and it was delicious. That night Jim and I went out but didn't do too much. Mostly we planned what we are doing for Jayke (my nephew) for his birthday but I can't say because my sister might read this, but trust me it is awesome!

Jim and I at his Mom's. Not looking too beautiful are we?

Sunday started with sinus problems from the nice weather the day before. Allergies-BLAH! We still got some stuff done around the house and Joy (Jim's Mom) grilled out for lunch. It was very good! Shortly after we headed out for home. We stopped at Jim's dad and his wife's on our way out of town. We visited shortly and watched some of the basketball game before getting back on the road. We hit some thunderstorms and hard rain on the way home but made it back with enough of the evening left to get unpacked and settled after the weekend away.


ANA said...

KJ has been looking for Curious George stuff too...they want to do their future nursery in Curious Geroge.

It is hard to believe Jayke is already 1, Addison is almost there too...they grow up so fast.

joy said...

Love the picture. I'm glad that you got home okay and sorry that you ran into so much rain. It poured good and hard here!!! Thanks for all the help on the blog! I love it!!