Monday, March 13, 2006

Computer Problems Galore

So today's computer problems started with some people at work not being able to access certain drives and programs, specifically in accounting. I called one of our IT guys and he had them restart their computers (the magical "fix" to all computer problems) and then I was to call him back and let him know how that went. Of course that didn't fix anything so I quickly called back to let him know and was of course greeted by voicemail. After leaving a message I went back to work because lucky for me, my computer was just fine.

Not too long thereafter I got a call from Jim. Apparently the whole computer system at his job was down and therefore left them with no way to work. Lucky for him they all got to go home because there was just nothing they could do. Now thats a solution to computer problems I would love!

Now here at Newsham the answer is just not that simple. We don't hear back from our IT guy until after 10. In the mean time the 3 people who can't access their programs are whining and complaining about not being able to do work and blah blah blah. Mind you, 2 of these are our accounting people, the people I get stuck doing ALL the filing for because they just never have time, along with random other things they don't "have time" for, like expense reports and semen summaries and what not (you know how that goes). Yet while they mess around and chit chat for over 3 hours before the IT guy eventually comes to fix the computers do they ever think to pick up one of the massive piles on my desk that needs filing, filing that is their's in the first place. Heck no. Let's just have them stand around a little more, cause that's accomplishing something.

Man, sometimes I just don't get these people. Even after the computers got fixed they rejoiced by doing no work and talking about how it was about time they got them up and running. I can hardly wait to listen to them whine about being behind all day. Now that I have vented, I think I will actually get back to work, only I will really do something, what a novelty!

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ANA said...

I hear you with computer problems...that has been a nightmare here for the last week. Our problems still aren't solved, but with the "band-aid" we are at least able to work.

Sometimes computers are a bigger headache than a help.